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WFA National Cup Over 65s 1st Round

Strollers progressed in the WFA National Cup Over 65s 1st round with a convincing win over Ely Paradise Pedestrians.

Final score:

Ely Paradise Pedestrians 0 - Stamford Strollers 23

A very one sided game as the scoreline shows. The referee actually lost count and thought the score was 21!

Played in a good spirit throughout but clearly a difference in class with Ely unable to handle Stamford’s slick passing and excellent movement.

Matchday Squad (goals scored in brackets):

Tony Fisher

Graham Curry

John Hutchins (2)

David Kelby (6)

Nic Poletti (6)

Gerry Monaghan (5)

John Phythian (1)

Chris Keirl (3)

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