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Who Are We?

Stamford Strollers are a walking football club primarily aimed at an age group of men 45+ and women 35+.


The Strollers started in 2015 as a local kick about team but have since added a competitive option by organising friendly games against other clubs and participating in walking football tournaments and leagues as well as travelling overseas to tournaments hosted on the continent.


We play on a superb astro turf surface at the Borderville Sports Centre, home of Stamford AFC (Daniels) where we also enjoy excellent changing facilities and 'back room' staff. In 2021 we also started to hold weekly sessions at the new 3G surface at Elsea Park in Bourne.  More recently, in 2023 we introduced a further evening session at the Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen. 


Our aim is to encourage as many players as possible to take up the sport from a social and fitness viewpoint.

What Is Walking Football?

Despite a number of organisations making efforts to solidify the rules and make them common to all, the rules played still vary around the country based mainly on facilities and group sizes.

At Stamford we play a non-contact game based largely on the rules issued by the WFA and the FA, but with a few local edits to suit our environment and players.


  • No running - on or off the ball (power walking allowed) 

  • Low impact tackling only - non contact, no shoulder barges, ankle tapping etc;

  • No tackling from behind

  • No going to ground in any tackle at any time

  • Ball must not go over head height (referees discretion but about cross bar height)

  • No metal studs or blade - astros, moulded studs or trainers only (Note: Bourne sessions moulded studs only)

We also play a local rule that we call the courtesy rule (you won't find this in any rule book). Basically all players are asked to recognise their opponents who may suffer less mobility or even be of a lower skill and to allow these players time on the ball to control and pass it off to a team mate. Our aim at all times is to offer an enjoyable and injury free walking football experience for all players.

Are There Any Standardised Rules?

As mentioned above there are two sets of standardised rules currently in place in the UK. Those of the WFA and those of the FA. Click the icons below to see the rules for both the WFA and the FA.

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