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The Asha Healthcare Midlands Over 60s League Matchday 1

A lapse on the management side put paid to a very good day for the Strollers at Nottingham.

With two wins under their belt, Stamford were disappointed to hear that they had accidentally broken rules by fielding three players in their 50s for the last 5 minutes of the game against Boston. Only two are allowed. This turned a very good 3-1 victory into a 0-3 defeat.

Here is the matchday report from Gary Wildsmith...

Nottingham Power League Match Day 1

Our 2 fixtures were against Oakham and Boston in that order.

We got off to a strong start quickly scoring 3 goals (Gary x 2, Tim). We relaxed a bit after half time and allowed Oakham back into the game. The final result was 6-3. Gary added a third while Colin chipped in with a couple after coming on for the second half.

Our second game was a bit of a slower start. We struggled to contain Boston who took a well deserved lead which they maintained until half time. We dug deep, pulled a goal back and then took the lead through Colin. With time running out we tried to run the clock down and Colin added a second goal to seal the win 3-1.

Unfortunately despite pre match organisation dividing the age ranged players into two groups (under and over 60) in the 'heat of battle' we managed to end up with 3 under 60 aged players on the pitch at the same time.

Although disappointed the squad are determnined to bounce back into contention and make up the lost points in coming matchdays.


Gary Wildsmith, Paul Beard, Colin Barrett-Treen, Will Barrett, Bob Lear, Trevor Oliver, Tim Marsden, Graham Curry


W v Oakham 6-3 (Wildsmith 3, Barrett-Treen 2, Marsden 1)

W v Boston 3-1 (Barrett-Treen 2, Wildsmith 1) *

* result reversed for too many 50+ players on field - Stamford lose 0-3

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