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Strollers 65+ Stutter in Matchday 4

With a hard fought draw in our first game of the day against Boston, and with neither side able to score, our recent improvement in form continued.

Strollers 0-0 Boston

Sadly, our recent good run was brushed aside but a strong Matlock sqaud that rolled us over with a 5-0 win.

Strollers 0-5 Matlock

With three teams on 7 points and Oakham just a little behind on 4pts, we will be working hard to ensure we avoid the bottom of the pack and look to finish strongy over the remaining matchdays.


  • Peter Oppenheimer

  • Tim Marsden (capt)

  • Frank Smith

  • Phil Hall

  • Jez Hammant

  • Dave Forth

  • Colin Murrant

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