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Risley Friendly Round Robin at Borderville

Really enjoyable three team round robin this afternoon played in a superb spirit - no rough stuff and played with almost no physical contact.

Scores were:

  • Risley 2 Stamford Reds 2 (Karl J, Steve C)

  • Risley 2 Stamford Blacks 1 (Taff L)

  • Blacks 0 Red 1 (Karl J)

Risley agreed that the winners slot should be shared even though they scored one more goal than the Reds.

Stamford Reds: Andrew Waggers Walton, Ian Cooke, Steve Christie, Colin Kirby, Mel Gardner, Ray Banks, Karl Jugovic

Stamford Blacks: Trevor Oliver, Taff Lovesey, David Asher, Mick Haygarth, Lewis Tringham, Dave Barry

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