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Netherton WhizzKidz Charity Cup 3rd June

Two Stroller teams took part in the first Netherton Whizzkidz charity cup competition with our good friends at Netherton and Glinton in Peterborough.

Each team played five games in a six team league with Stamford B finishing top on 12 points and Stamford A in second with 11pts.

A good performance from both teams, although participation and raising money for charity was the order of the day here at a very well organised and managed tournament by the Netherton players and staff.

The games were

played in a fair and true walking football spirit and together almost £250 was raised for the charity.

Stamford B:

Will Barrett (capt), Robin Gostling (manager), John Hutchins, Jez Norris, Bob Lear, Mark McVitty, Paul Marks, David Norton

won 4-0 Glinton (Jez N x 4)

won 1-0 Netherton Friday. (Will B)

lost 0-2 Stamford A. L 0 - 2.

won 1-0 Netherton Monday (Jez N)

won 4-0 Netherton Wednesday (Will B x3. Jez N)

Stamford A:

Ian Cooke (capt), Mike Herring (gk), Scott Sawers, Grahan Curry, Stephen Gates, Paul Watkins, Andy Walton, David Denney

won 1-0 Netherton Friday (Andy W)

drew 0-0 Netherton Monday

won 2-0 Stamford B (Scott S, Ian C)

drew 1-1 Netherton Wednesday (Scott S)

won 1-0 Glinton (Scott S)

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