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Linx FA WF Tournaments Grantham

A good couple of tournaments today and more silverware for the cabinet as the lads in the afternoon session finished runners up in their section.


Mark Jordan (GK), Peter Crane, Andrew Waggers Walton, Angel Goumal, Brian Dunkerley, William Barrett, Kurt Garbutt

W 1-0 v Grimsby Corinthians (Angel G)

L 1-2 v Long Bennington (Will B)

L 1-3 v Rippingale and Folkingham (Will B)

D 0-0 v Boston A

L 0-1 v Gainsborough

W 3-0 v Grantham Merecats (Pete C, Will B 2)

L 0-3 v Grimsby Corinthinans A


Angel Goumal (GK), Taff Lovesey, Ian Cooke, Jez Norris, John Hutchins, Kurt Garbutt, William Barrett

W 8-1 v Hykeham Hedgehogs (Taff L 4, Jez N 4)

L 0-5 v Long Bennington

W 3-0 v Boston B (Taff L 2, Will B)

W 3-0 v Collingham Codgers (Will B, Jez N 2)

W 2-1 v Spilsby (Taff L, Jez N)

Well done and many thanks to all the lads that turned out today.

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