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Ladies 40+ Friendly v Norwich

Updated: Jan 22

Our Stamford Strollers Ladies team travelled to Norfolk today for a friendly round robin with Norwich.

The four-team tournament was made up of three Norwich teams and the Strollers, with Strollers loaning three different players, one for each Norwich team, every round of matches.

Our players did us proud, not only enjoying good results in the group, but with all our ‘loanees’ playing well for Norwich too.

The games were all played in a friendly but spirited fashion, and they truly were a throw back to the early days of walking football with camaraderie being more important than the glory of winning (although every one wanted to win of course).

Group Stage:

·         Strollers 2-1 Norwich C (C Thirsk x 2)

·         Strollers 1-2 Norwich A (M Kelby x 1)

·         Strollers 4-2 Norwich B (N Hardy, M Kelby x 2, R Angell)

These results put us through to the final against Norwich A as we switched to 7-a-side for this match instead of 6 in the group stage.

Unfortunately, Norwich A adjusted to the slightly more crowded pitch faster than our ladies, and despite putting up a good fight Norwich A ran out winners on the day.


·         Strollers 0-2 Norwich A

Our thanks to Norwich for their hospitality today and we hope they will join us in Lincolnshire for a rematch at Stamford or Bourne in a few weeks.

Strollers Squad:

  1. Caroline Allen

  2. Cath Thirsk

  3. Katy Fowkes

  4. Jem Keegan

  5. Julie Marsh

  6. Katy Stewart

  7. Merryn Kelby

  8. Rachel Angell

  9. Rosalie Gibbs

  10. Ness Hardy

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