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Grimsby Walking Football Festival 2016 7-a-side


A Goumal, T Lovesey, P Blakemore, D Barry, K Jugovic, C Kirby, R Banks, I Cooke, D Asher, Dave Ribakovs


D 0-0 Hornsea

L 0-1 Gy Atletico

D 0-0 Real Grimsby

D 0-0 Sev Old Stars

W 1-0 Pilgrim Grandfathers (Ray B)

Shield Semi

L 1-2 Cottingham (Paul B)

A very well organised tournament at Grimsby and a great day for playing football. A day though where despite being on top in all six games we could not find the net to complete the pressure we were applying to teams. Inspired goalkeeping and missed chances were order of the day as we stuttered to a semi final defeat in the tournament shield.

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