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WFLA Champions Cup 50+ - Redditch

A great day in Redditch .Stamford strollers 50s In the champions league where champions from respective leagues cames to Redditch Birmingham.

We had a mix/match squad but willing to travel for 4 hrs and play the best.we managed to win 1, draw 1, lost 1.

So we finished runners up in our league.

Then onto the semi finals where we played Coalsville but lost 3-0 to a very great side.

Next up we played Sleaford Academicals in the 3/4 th place, and won 1-0 to finish a very good third place so proud of the lads who played brilliantly. Great day out.

  • Paul Newiss gk

  • Paul Giffen

  • Dave Forth

  • James Edey

  • Jonathan JT Thompson

  • Colin Barrett Treen

  • Taxi driver/coach Steve Bavage Crowson.

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