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Stamford v Grimsby Ancient Mariners 69+ Friendly

Game 1 Stamford Strollers 0 v Grimsby Ancient Mariners 0

Game 2 Stamford Strollers 0 v Grimsby Ancient Mariners 1

Two well contested games of 24 minutes duration, played in the Borderville cauldron. With air temperatures of c 28 degrees, it was a great effort by all concerned that we were able to play a 69+ match. In truth, there was a lot of good midfield and defensive play resulting in few chances and little trouble for the goalkeepers.

The match was eight a-side and, with Strollers having a squad of ten, everybody was given an opportunity to play a roughly equal amount of the game. This was fair, but the changes were probably most disruptive for the strollers as Grimsby looked the better organised team.

As mentioned, there were few chances, the one goal after a Stroller’s player lost possession in midfield and Grimsby broke. Strollers were outnumbered at the back and Grimsby forwards engineered an opening and their player scored from a narrow angle.

Putting things in perspective, if 20 years ago us 69+ were offered playing for your football club in a friendly match against another club, surviving high temperatures and enjoying a drink and sandwich together afterwards, I think we might have taken that. Also, just enough pushing and arguing decisions to show that testosterone levels are still fairly high.

Well done to everybody concerned and both teams for a fairly competed and enjoyable contest.

Special thanks: to Grimsby for driving 2 hours to play 48 minutes football : to Paul for refereeing : to Steve for managing the substitutes : Guy for sorting the kit and, most importantly, letting us use the showers.

Strollers team: Bob Lear : Bob Wood : Colin Kirby : Col Murrant : David Ingram : Mick Cockerill : Paul Fellows : Phil Cullimore : Tony Laughton : Trevor Oliver (GK).

Referee: Paul E Beard.

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