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Stamford v Boston Round Robin

This is what walking football is all about. Rather than the ever increasing over competitiveness of the recent 50+ tournaments, this was a throwback to when it all started up 4 years or so ago.

Four teams playing with comradeship in a friendly but competitive spirit. No over aggression and just the odd run (well we all do it at times) and sharing stories over sandwiches and a beer afterwards.

The 60+ lads from Boston brought two teams to play the 60+ Stamford lads today at Borderville.

Glorious weather and some pretty glorious football at times meant an enjoyable day for all.

I will put the scores and table below but on a day like today it really didn't matter who won or lost - to steal an old phrase it was 'how we played the game'.


  • Stamford Reds 0 Stamford Blacks 0

  • Boston Ambers 3 Boston Greens 1

  • Stamford Reds 0 Boston Ambers 1

  • Boston Green 0 Stamford Blacks 1

  • Stamford Blacks 3 Boston Ambers 0

  • Boston Greens 1 Stamford Reds 2

7pts Stamford Blacks

6pts Boston Ambers

4pts Stamford Reds

0pts Boston Greens

After the match there was a shared cuppa and sandwiches in the clubhouse and then the bulk of the guys went over to the Bluebell pub in Belmesthorpe for a well deserved pint.

Reds: Colin Kirby, Graham Curry, Andrew Waggers Walton, Lewis Tringham, Dave Barry

Blacks: Ian Cooke, William Barrett, Trevor Oliver, Steve Christie, David Asher, Paul Fellows

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