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Stamford Strollers v Spalding Friendly 5th January 2020

Despite the best efforts of winter viruses, injuries and late family commitments that clubbed together to try to spoil the plans, a swift adjustment to a 6 a side competition allowed Stamford to field three teams alongside Spalding’s squad to run a four team round robin at Borderville.

In a day that was more about participation and making new footballing friends, than the results of the games, the competition proved lively, competitive but was also played in good spirits by all four teams.

Following an hour of football which were enjoyed by all, including the referees, most of the players headed to the Borderville bar to share a few hot drinks, and some of the more alcoholic variety before making their way back home.

A successful day all around and we look forward to entertaining Spalding again in the near future.

The results for those that want to know:

Stamford Reds 1 Stamford White 4

Spalding 1 Stamford Yellow 1

Stamford White 2 Spalding 0

Stamford Yellow 1 Stamford Red 2

Stamford Red 4 Spalding 1

Stamford Yellow 0 Stamford White 2

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