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Stamford - Long Bennington Round Robin

Stamford Black -

K Garbutt, P Blakemore, T Lovesey, J Norris, A Noble, M Youds

Stamford Red -

I Cooke, P Watkins, K Browne, S Christie, L Tringham, K Bratt, B Falkous


  • Long Benn 'A' 1-0 Long Benn 'B'

  • Stamford Blk 3-0 Stamfords Red (Norris x2, Noble)

  • Long Benn 'B' 0-0 Stamford Blk

  • Long Benn 'A' 2-0 Stamford Red

  • Long Benn 'B' 0-0 Stamford Red

  • Long Benn 'A' 1-0 Stamford Blk

Long Bennington played some neat passing football to take the 4 team round robin at Stamford. Played in a friendly but competitive spirit this demonstrated what walking football is all about. Highly enjoyed by all and the sun even shone for a few minutes.

9pts Long Benn A

4pts Stamford Blk

2pts Long Benn B

1pt Stamford Red

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