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Stamford 1 Boston 1 (45-55 age group friendly)

Although this was a game for the Stamford and Boston walking football 'babies' it was played to true walking football rules. Just to be sure two referees were used to monitor the game to slow the young legs down, one main ref and one off the ball ref.

In a spirited but fair game Stamford took an early lead with a well taken goal from Scott Sawers and in early play looked like they would dominate. It didn't take long for Boston to adjust though and after ten minutes or so they found there feet and the game became a close affair moving from one end to the other.

Chances were at a premium for both teams though and even when they did break through both teams found the keepers in good form and the game went into the break at half time with Stamford 1-0 ahead.

The second half started in a similar manner, tight and little to choose between the teams. Boston were moving the ball a little more slickly than Stamford however but were unable to fashion a clear chance. As the half progressed it looked like Stamford's early goal would be the one separating the teams at the final whistle, but an equaliser came with about 10 minutes remaining after a distribution error from Mark Jordan, the Stamford keeper, who until then had had an excellent game.

Stamford came back hard but found the Boston defence resolute and after weathering a few attacks once again the game returned to an even, hard fought game with few chances.

The whistle blew on yet another draw between the two clubs a common occurrence of late.

Many thanks to the Boston guys for travelling over to Stamford on a wet and windy day and also extra thanks to Alastair and Ian Baxter who did a good job of controlling the game and keeping things in check.

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