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Rainbows Hospice Charity Tournament Nottingham 2016

Stamford 60+

A Goumal, I Cooke (capt), K Browne, C Kirby, S Christie, D Barry, B Falkous, K Jugovic

Stamford 50+

T Oliver, G Longbone, J Norris, P Watkins, W Barrett, J Green

Very disappointing tournament at Nottingham today and not just because of our results but more due to the absolute shambles of the organisation which was a complete and utter joke. No meet and greet, only one referee (when four were promised of 'League' standard), no clear information on changes of rules, and on and on.... Ironically the only group that had an 'official referee' was for our 50+ team and he played 10 mins first half and 20 mins in the second. Absolutely shambolic.

First and foremost my thanks to the 14 players that represented us today and my apologies to them for taking them to this mess. At least it finally settled down though and in the end we were eliminated on results but with there being no Mansfield team it was a long way to go for our over 60s to play two games!



w/o v Mansfield

L 0-4 v Leggy Mambos

L 1-2 v Beechcroft (Karl J)


D 3-3 v Middlesborough (Will B x 2, Johnny G)

L 1-4 v Long Bennington (Paul W)

D 1-1 v Burton Albion (Johnny G)

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