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Oundle Tournament 2nd June 2018

The squad did well in very trying conditions at Oundle this afternoon. Playing 3 touch on virtually half a football pitch was always going to be difficult. Plus, the grass on the 'hallowed' turf was rather on the long side.

We played 4 games in all.

Beat Rushden B 2 - 0. (Jez Norris x2).

Drew Oundle A 0 - 0.

Lost Bedford 2 - 0.

Drew Huntingdon 0 - 0.

All games played in good spirit mostly. The games were close bearing in mind the space the players had to cover. Just a couple of contentious moments. Against Oundle the keeper clearly handled the ball out of the area. However, the ref (Arsene Wenger) didn't see it. Then against Bedford with the score still at 0 - 0 Jez was clean through on goal when he was taken out by a 'slide' tackle from behind. All the ref gave was a free kick. Referees really need to clamp down hard and use the blue/red card. We MUST stamp out over aggression in walking football matches (something the WFA are trying hard to achieve).

Unfortunately, we lost Kurt Garbutt to a pulled hamstring during the second game. Hopefully he should be fit in time for the Sheffield tournament.

Once again, well played to all the team giving it all you had in four very draining games. It was a pleasure to be player/ manager.

Report by team captain Will Barrett.

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