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Local Round Robin 10th March 2018

Borderville hosted a terrific little local friendly but competitive 7-a-side round robin on Saturday 10th March.

Two teams from Stamford plus our guests from Netherton and Glinton vied for the top spot.

The games were played in a true walking football spirit, competitive but fair with participation the main agenda.


Stamford A 1 Stamford B 0 (Scott S)

Netherton 1 Glinton 0

Stamford B 1 Glinton 0 (John H)

Netherton 0 Stamford A 0

Stamford B 0 Netherton 0

Stamford A 1 Glinton 0 (Scott S)


7pts Stamford A

5pts Netherton

4pts Stamford B

0pts Glinton


Stamford A:

Ian Cooke, Kurt Garbutt, Scott Sawers, Robin Gosling, Stephen Gates, Tony Laughton, Mel Gardner, Bob Lear, Derek Tidman

Stamford B:

Taff Lovesey, Andy Walton, Graham Curry, John Hutchins, Peter Crane, Mike Herring, Richard Joy

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