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Leicester Tournament June 4th 2017

The Strollers stormed through the group section of this one winning the group with a game to spare. Playing some slick passing football coupled with good finishing and tight defence, we won the first three games before drawing the last game after taking our foot off the gas.

Group Games:

W 4-1 v Crick (Taff, Paul, Jez, Brian)

W 1-0 v Northampton Town (Jez)

W 2-0 v Leicester A (Taff, Paul)

D 0-0 v Whetstone Walkers

This gave us a semi-final game against a strong Leicester B side. Confidence was high but two minutes in, the skipper, Taff L, stupidly reacted to a bad tackle from behind by kicking out at an opponent and saw red for the second time in the last three tournaments. Anger management lessons clearly required!

The Strollers battled hard and dug in but the loss of one player was too much and Leicester ran out as 3-0 winners.


L 0-3 v Leicester B

Squad: Trevor Oliver, Brian Dunkerley, Paul Blakemore, Taff Lovesey, Martin Lott, Jez Norris, Andrew Walton, Kurt Garbutt

It was an enjoyable tournament, although the red card put a damper on it a little and the squad were also a bit frustrated by the fact that Leicester B seemed to ignore the 50+ rule.

This was especially annoying as the Strollers had left two under 50 players at home who were told they could not play.

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