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Ely 60+ Friendly

A fun afternoon spent with the Ely WF guys where Strollers played 2 Ely teams - I might add not at the same time!

Game 1: A tight well contested game between 2 evenly matched teams. Ely continually hit Strollers on the break throughout the game and took an early lead with a well taken goal. Strollers equalised to make it 1-1 before half time. The second half was a mirror image of the first half with 2 goals from either side. Strollers drew: 3-3. Scorers: Jez N( 2) & Tim M (1).

Game 2: Strollers started the game really well and continued to improve scoring 4 in the first half. In the 2nd half Strollers played some great football and scored a further 7. Ely worked hard to build chances and were unlucky not to nick a goal.

Strollers win 11-0. Scorers Jez N (7), Paul B (2) and 1 each for Phil H & Nic P.

Game 3: And to complete the Round Robin .... Ely played with themselves with some of the Stamford players mucking in to even up the sides!

All games were played in the right spirit with a few laughs along the way!

Thanks to Matt for reffing all games.

Many thanks to Nick Pollington from ELY WF for pulling this together and the hospitality laid on afterwards which was very much appreciated by the Strollers team.

We look forward to reciprocating in 2022.

Strollers Matchday Squad:

Brian Dunkerley, Jez Norris, John Phythian, Nic Poletti, Paul Newiss, Phil Hall, Tim Marsden, Tony Laughton, Paul Beard

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