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Corby Town Walking Football Tournament - 15th August 2021

A rather unusual tournament in which Strollers made a creditable showing yet never really “hit their straps” throughout the day.

The competition was unusual in a couple of ways even before a ball was kicked;

Firstly, in the information sent to us by Corby Town it was noticed that the tournament was to be played not under FA rules, nor under WFA rules, but under “Corby Town Walking Football Rules”.

Secondly, on arrival at Corby Town FC, whilst at the registration desk we discovered that Strollers had not been included in the fixture list, although the organisers did concede that we had entered and that they would sort out the issue. Once the team had kitted up and returned to pitch-side we were told that we were to take the place of “Corby Town B” in the fixtures in Group B.

The tournament moved on then, but the flow of the game and the inconsitencies were not helped by the use of iniexperienced referees who were not trained walking football referees. As a result all teams had to find their way through the uncommon rules interpretation. Strollers, in our true established and valued tradition, attempted to play the game at all times to the letter of the rules that had been given to us.

Overall, the Strollers achieved a creditable overall performance with two wins, two draws and just one defeat, placing us 3rd in Group B, but with no “Plate” competition in place, that was the extent of our exertions for the day.

Every member of the squad played and contributed fully to the event with hard work and accomplished play which perhaps might have been better rewarded but for a few “rub of the green (rules)” decisions made throughout the day.


Chris Williams Colin Barrett-Treen Grahame Robinson Jez Hammant Lee Tillen Paul Archer Robin Brookes Robin Gosling (GK) Tim Marsden

Game 1 V Rushden & Diamonds - Drew 1-1 (Archer)

Game 2 V Northmpton Town Clarets - Drew 1-1 (Archer)

Game 3 V Harborough Hornets - Lost 1-3 (Williams)

Game 4 V Towcester - Won 4-0 (Archer 2, Hammant, Brookes)

Game 5 V Oundle Town - Won 3-0 (Barrett-Treen, Tillen, Archer)

Final position: 3rd in Group B

Thanks to all who played in the squad, a good performance all round in unusual circumstances.

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