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ChromaSport PDFL WF League - Matchday 4

Stamford Whites - report from skipper Will Barrett

Fine two league games of the year today ended with two very good wins. I let the Xmas spirit overtake my team selection beforehand. Seeing as we had eight players, rather than each play half a game, I decided to let those who needed to get away, rather than hang around, play the whole first game. Then with a slight change a different set of players for the second game. I made that call hoping I wouldn't regret it.

Today's squad was -









First game against Glinton started with W.Barrett, N.Smith and P.Smitheringale on the side lines.

After a fraught few minutes with players getting used to each the team got things together to win the game 11 - 2. With goals going in quite regularly, plus not having a pen, I was unable to keep track of the scorers. At the end of the game the scorers who stood out were C.Williams with 4 and P.Archer with 3. Apologies for not naming the other scorers. However take pride in knowing you added to the eventual tally.

Second game v Whittlesey, Tim Marsden stayed on alongside those who stood out the first game. As agreed before the morning start S.Gates, C.Williams and P.Archer left.

We were on top from the off straight away, maybe those who watched the first game were just eager to play. All was going well with two quick goals, then injury struck. P.Smithergale suffering a hamstring pull. Looking a round for a sub......... Plenty of Reds but no whites. A quick discussion amongst ourselves to sort out the three outfield would organise themselves then, game on. To actually end winning 8 - 1 was a testament to the hard work and clinical finishing of the three. In truth it could have been more.

Special thanks to Angel for helping us at short notice, much appreciated.

Two excellent results for Whites with the added bonus of boosting our goals for column. Many thanks to all our attended to day as well as those who also took part in our other league games.

It's been a joy to play alongside you all. Look forward to continuing our progress up the League in 2020.

Have a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Stamford Reds - report from skipper Scott Sawers

Well that was interesting! Not the best day for the reds today, losing 5-4 to Wisbech and drawing 5-5 with Harborough.

Hats of to both Wisbech and Stamford players for keeping a lid on their frustrations as much as they did today, in the face of challenging circumstances. If you were there, you know! It’s a good job that the players from both sides know and respect each other as that could easily have got out of hand.

Second game ebbed and flowed with lots of changes and a fair draw in the end.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.

Latest league table here...

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