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68+ at Borderville, 5th April 2022 vs Moulton Magpies

Stamford Strollers 0 Moulton Magpies 0 It is fair to say that when they write the history of Walking Football, this match will not be mentioned. Probably two main reasons, firstly, the windy conditions which made passing more difficult than it should have been. Secondly, eight a-side which enabled each side to play all their squad for the whole game, but in truth made it overcrowded in midfield.

We played three periods of 20 minutes and Moulton played better in the first two with their passing finding being more accurate than Stamford’s. Even so, there were no real shots of note and the keepers were rarely troubled, both defences playing well. In the third period, Tony went from playing at the back to midfield and this resulted in Strollers pressing higher and Moulton were pinned back. Frank and Tony, from a free kick, shot wide, likewise Moulton on the break had a chance but shot wide.

Paul, who refereed the game well, suggested a five-man penalty shoot out to round things off, Strollers won 4-1 with Frank, Martin, Col and Tony scoring: Trevor saving 4 of Magpie’s efforts.

All in all, it was a tight match played in good spirit against our friends from Moulton: who incidentally have invited us to go and play at their home yet again.

Thanks to Alan at Moulton, Paul and Guy and all the players.

The Strollers squad was: Trevor Oliver, Tony Laughton, Colin Murrant, Bob Lear, Frank Smith, Brian Dunkerley, Martin Donnelly and Mick Cockerill

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