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Success for the Strollers at Louth 14/10/18

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

On a particularly wet and windy day in Louth, our Stamford Strollers played some superb passing football to bring home the winners trophy.

I'll hand over to captain Will Barrett for a match report...

On a cold wet day at Louth Stamford Strollers competed in the home side's walking football competition.

Due to Grimsby's late withdrawal it left only seven sides and a change to the competition format. Instead of two groups of four, with group winners and runners-up competing in semi final and final. The competition was organised on a league basis. All seven teams would play each other. The overall winner would be the team with the most points. In the event of a tie then goal difference would decide the winners. If the goal difference was the same, then penalties would be used to determine the overall winners.

Results / Scorers

W 2-1 Louth Tn A (J Norris, P Kirby)

D 0-0 Boston A

W 1-0 Sleaford (S Sawers)

W 1-0 Hull (S Sawers)

W 2-0 Lough Tn B. W 2 - 0. (J Norris 2)

D 0-0 Boston B

Top scorer Jez Norris with 3 goals.

In very wet trying conditions the team played some good football. Though the scores suggest the games were tight, actually that was not the case. In all games we were the dominant side. It was only stout defending, especially by both Boston A&B, and missed opportunities which kept the scores down.

The defence, which changed from game to game, was superbly marshalled by Graham Curry. The only goal we conceeded was from a penalty, which was the only shot on target from the opposition in all the games.

We won the tournament by one point ahead of Louth A.

The Stamford squad today was -

William Barrett.

Andrew Walton.

Kurt Garbutt.

Scott Sawers.

Paul Archer.

Gary Wildsmith.

Graham Curry.

Paul Blakemore.

Jez Norris.

Paul Kirby.

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