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Fun in the Sun

It was fun in the sun at Borderville today.

With Collingham unable to muster up a team we ran a come and play round robin joining together a couple of the Collingham lads for one team, creating a Bourne team for another, Glinton and Stamford for the third and an all Stamford for the fourth.

This is how walking football should be played. A friendly but competive spirit with very little running and no over zealous tackling. Players on some games even stopped playing when other players fell over to make sure they were fine - this is what walking football is all about.

Results were:

  • Strollers 1 - 4 Stamford & Collingham

  • Stamford & Glinton 2 - 0 Bourne Boys

  • Stamford & Collingham 1 - 1 Stamford & Glinton

  • Bourne Boys 0 - 2 Strollers

  • Strollers 0 - 1 Stamford & Glinton

  • Bourne Boys 1 - 3 Stamford & Collingham

So the greens of Stamford and Collingham won the round robin on goal difference from Stamford and Glinton:

  • 7pts (+5) Stamford & Collingham

  • 7pts (+3) Stamford & Glinton

  • 3pts Strollers

  • 0pts Bourne Boys

HUGE thanks to Guy and Alastair for refereeing and to Guy and the club for their hospitality.

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