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WFA Midlands 60+ Cup 2/4/2019

Not the best of days for our Strollers in a very varied performance in Nottingham by both the Whites and the Yellows, who were probaably confused by plahing in red.

Sporting our snazzy new kit, sponsored by Fiducia, our football only matched the quality of the kit in patches with both teams going out of the cup at the group stage.


Stamford Yellow

Group Stage

Leicester lost 0-1

Stamford Whites drew 0-0

Oakham lost 1-3 (Garbutt)

Plate SemiFinal

Boston drew 1-1 (Barrett-Treen), then lost on pens 5-4

Plate 3rd & 4th

Chilwall won 1-0 (Braycotton)

Stamford White

Group Stage

Oakham drew 1-1 (Barrett)

Stamford Yellow drew 0-0

Leicester lost 0-2

Plate SemiFinal

Chilwell won 1-0 (Blakemore)

Plate Final

Boston drew 1-1 (Blakemore) lost -0-2 on penalties

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