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Stamford Strollers 5 Guilden Morden 0 (45+ Friendly 30th May)

A good win for the Strollers over Guilden Morden Walking Football Club, running out 5 goals to nil winners.

Andrew Waggers Walton didn’t have a huge amount to do in goal, but none the less, congratulations on keeping a clean sheet. With the luxury of two substitutes, the Strollers were able to cycle players every quarter, with Kurt Garbutt,

Paul Blakemore and Grahame Robinson sharing the defensive duties, Gary Wildsmith, Stephen Gates and Neil Smith alternating in midfield, with Scott Sawers, Colin Barrett-Treen and Jez Norris leading the attack.

It was a good solid performance as a team, with everyone playing well and contributing to the outcome, with goals from Scott (2), Colin, Jez and Steve.

Guilden Morden played in a spirited fashion and as relative new comers to the sport, hopefully benefitted from playing together against a well drilled opposition. The Guilden keeper should be singled out for keeping the Strollers to only the 6 goals. The game was played in good spirit, helped by an excellent refereeing performance from Taff Lovesey, who only had to produce a single blue card (he’d bought them and he was determined to use them).

Special thanks go to Taff and Guy Walton for all their help both on the night and in preparation.


Andy Walton, Colin Barrett-Treen, Gary Wildsmith, Glyn Williams, Grahame Robinson, Jez Norris, Kurt Garbutt, Neil Smith, Paul Blakemore, Scott Sawers. Stephen Gates


Stamford 5 Guilden Morden 0 (S Sawers x 2, C Barrett-Treen, J Norris, S Gates)

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