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Louth Round Robin 16th September 2017

A showery day in Louth but the squad of five did OK and have hopefully not caught a cold!

  • d 1-1 v Gainsborough (I Cooke)

  • d 1-1 v Spilsby (W Barrett)

  • w 5-2 v North Hykeham (W Barrett x 3, T Lovesey x 2)

  • d 1-1 v Louth (T Lovesey)

This was an excellent friendly round robin played to promote the game in the Louth area. Scores were not recorded and there were no trophies and maybe as a direct result of this the games were all played in a friendly manner, although still competitive. No rough and tumble, no intentional running, no arguing with the referee - excellent.

It was a long trek on a day of heavy showers but worth the journey as we have made new friends and more walking football contacts as well as introducing the game to some 'newbies'.

Our thanks to Linx Walking Football for organising the event.

Squad: Ian Cooke, Angel Goumal, William Barrett, Kurt Garbutt, Taff Lovesey

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