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Lincolnshire FA 60+ Championship MD1

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

A mixed start to the first matchday for our 60+ B squad a Gainborough on a cold but sunny day.


  • Antoon Jansen (gk)

  • Frank Smith

  • John Phythian

  • Tim Marsden

  • Colin Barratt-Treen

  • Ian Scarborough

  • Taff Lovesey (capt/mngr)

W 1-0 v Grimsby Ancient Mariners

A fast start for the squad with some neat interplay and good movement. This movement led to a chance for Colin Barrett-Treen in the first half but his shot rattled off the post. A short while later Frank Smith went on a superb mazy run but his shot hit the underside of the bar, bounced down on the line and came back out. Unlike in 1966 there was no Russian linesman available to intervene.

The 2nd half continued in a similar manner with both teams having chances but with the Strollers slightly on top with better movement and slicker passing. The breakthrough came when Tim Marsden found himself open on the left and he smashed the ball into the corner. A solid start.

L 0-1 v Long Bennington Next up were our old friends from Long Bennington. In a very tight game that could have gone either way, it was settled by a great strike from Jim Heyes. Although the squad continued to show good movement and passing we couldn't create many clear chances for our forwards, and when we did the keeper was in excellent form.

L 0-3 v Lincoln Invictus

We analysed this result as a squad after the match and the opinions were unanimous; we just didn't perform. For some reason we lost our shape and despite some good passing at times we were unable to create the chances we needed.

1-0 down at half time we set out in the second half determined to make a come back but a second goal for Invictus early in the half deflated spirits and we never trouble the side from Lincoln.

The first goal came about through lack of cover leaving Marsden with a 2 on 1 situation. Manager Taff Lovesey holds his hand up for this for failing to properly brief what was expected from the midfielders due to a change in formation and line up.

The next two goals were similar. Both long range efforts that we failed to shut down.

Despite having the lions share of possession we then struggled to break down a stalwart Invictus defence.

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