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Stamford Strollers are a walking football club primarily aimed at players, men and women, over the age of fifty years old.


The Strollers started in 2015 as a local kick about team but have since added a competitive option by organising friendly games against other clubs and participating in walking football tournaments.


We play on a superb astro turf surface at the Borderville Sports Centre, home of Stamford AFC (Daniels) where we also enjoy excellent changing facilities and 'back room' staff.


Our aim is to encourage as many 50+ adults as possible to take up the sport from a social and fitness viewpoint.

The rules of walking football vary around the country based mainly on facilities. At Stamford we adopt the following practice for our weekly sessions but obviously abide by the rules of any tournament we enter elsewhere.

The Rules

  • No running - on or off the ball

  • Low impact tackling only - non contact, no shoulder barges, ankle tapping etc;

  • No going to ground in any tackle at any time

  • Kick in not throw in

  • Ball must not go over head height (6ft)

  • No football boots - astros or trainers only

We also adopt an unwritten rule that we call the 'courtesy rule'. Basically we allow time on the ball for players with a lesser ability or mobility. Allowing them the benefit of an enjoyable and injury free walking football experience.


There are two sets of 'standard rules going around. One from the FA and the other from the WFA. In the main we tend to adopt the WFA rules with more specific rules about non-contact


Click below to read these rules.


WFA Walking Football Rules


FA Walking Football Rules